The combination of casting, forging, machining and assembly is the key to success

Service Portfolio

Product development and product optimisation Details
Our special strengths are based on a broad knowledge of materials, many years of experience in casting, forging and metal-cutting technologies.

We will already provide specific support during the development phase of ypur product and we will work out the ideal production concept together with you.

The concept includes a very wide feasibility analysis including simulations of the casting and forging processes. In an intensive communication with customers cost-effective technical solutions can be developed.

Product-specific choice of the most suitable suppliers of unfinished partsDetails

Considering all specific requirements for your product, whether casting, forging aluminum or other material, we rely on a manufacturer which using the best technology options selected on the product, is able to provide most cost benefits of sustainable quality.

Besides the process efficiency and product quality are among other things delivery reliability , sustainability and environmental issues to the test. Our experienced auditors control these processes locally. In line with the expectations of our customers, our suppliers are being established and developed continuously.

Our own production sites have specialized in metal machining, and thanks to its broad-based mechanical equipment, we are able to offer a very wide range of products very competitive. The separation of the mechanical processing from the material side gives us, for the benefit of you, additional flexibility and independence.

Prototyping and rapid prototype manufacturingDetails

If you need for your testing prototypes, whether castings made of cast iron or aluminum, forgings, or other products, you are right with us. Starting from a 3D model, we deliver to you within a shortest time completely finished and ready to install components. Because they are created under close to serial conditions, they marginally differ in properties from series parts.

Your benefits:

  • Save time with delivery times of 2 to 4 weeks
  • Competitive prices
  • Ready for assembling machined parts that are created under close conditions
  • Faster product maturity, the findings obtained from the tests flow into product improvements.

Mechanical processing and assemblyDetails

bild_home3The chip removing machining is our core competency. In the processing, we rely on the latest machining technology.

Taking advantage of the location advantages in Poland both large and small batches are produced highly productive.

The machines used ensure compliance with the strictest tolerances in the most complex parts. The assembly of metal components to finished units completes our offer.

Logistics – delivery of products simultaneously with the productionDetailsFor efficient delivery and availability of our products, we work out with our clients the most appropriate logistics concept.
We are working with reputable international operating carriers.Our performance and strengths:

  • Shortest response time
  • deliveries free destination
  • punctuality
  • EDI Connection
  • Consignment stock